Sulli Will Return To The Screen With A Second Season Of IU’s “Persona” On Netflix

She’s taking on the lead role!

Idol-turned-actress Sulli will be returning to the screen after two long years of hiatus away from the spotlight! Fans are thrilled to hear that she has been cast for the Netflix Original series “Persona” season 2.


Multiple associates in the Korean movie production industry have confirmed that Sulli will be the main lead for the successful project movie “Persona”, which featured Sulli’s good friend IU as the main lead in its first season.


The second season of “Persona” will include five directors – meaning five small segments making up the season, which is one more than the original four that first season had, and will shine light on Sulli’s many charms and talent as an evolving actress.


Sulli’s “Persona” season 2 will begin shooting later this year and is scheduled to be revealed on Netflix some time next year. With Sulli’s casting, her fans now patiently await more news, trailers, and behind-the-scenes on the second season!


Here’s the official trailer for IU’s first season of “Persona”, ICYMI:

Source: Sports Chosun