Sung Dong Il Reveals Why He Will Always Treasure Apink’s Jung Eunji Like His Own Daughter

They have the sweetest bond ever!

During the latest episode of House On Wheels, veteran actor Sung Dong Il couldn’t hide his fatherly love towards Apink‘s Jung Eunji!

From the very beginning of the episode, Sung Dong Il was excited to be reunited with his past on-screen daughter. He started boasting about her in the car as he asked if any of the other cast members ever met her.

Considering that they both never met Eunji before, Sung Dong Il began to introduce her with the fondest smile! He claimed, “She’s so honest. That’s why I care for her.

Sung Dong Il then called Eunji and he even loved her choice of call tone! He said, “Ah~ The music’s good! The lyrics are very sad…

And as soon as she picked up, they revealed the sweetest nicknames for each other! Eunji called him “Dad“, while Sung Dong Il called her “My daughter“!

During their sweet conversation, Sung Dong Il asked if she more excited to see actor Kim Hee Won or Yeo Jin Goo. She adorably answered, “Dad~“, and melted Sung Dong Il’s heart!

And Sung Dong Il confessed, “I can never hate you!

Sung Dong Il and Jung Eunji played a father and daughter role in the hit drama, Reply 1997. The two had the most adorable chemistry where they constantly fought but had the strongest bond with each other.

They were an instant fan favorite!

Even after the drama had ended over 8 years ago, the two actors still maintain their father-daughter relationship!

And the two reunited in the latest episode of House On Wheels where they proved once again that their bond will never be broken!

Check out the segment below: