Netizens Lose It After Popular Dating Show Couple Are Spotted Holding Hands At The 2023 Blue Dragon Series Awards


Sung Hae Eun and Jung Hyun Kyu from the popular dating show EXchange 2 were spotted together at the 2023 Blue Dragon Series Awards.

Jung Hyun Kyu (left) and Sung Hae Eun (right) | Chosun Ilbo

On July 19, the couple attended the 2023 Blue Dragon Series Awards. The award show celebrates the very best shows on streaming platforms.

Sung Hae Eun looked gorgeous in a white gown, while Jung Hyun Kyu boasted his dashing good looks in a classic black and white tuxedo ensemble.

Sung Hae Eun | Wikitree
Jung Hyun Kyu | wikitree

After the awards show ended, however, the couple quickly went viral after a video of the two leaving the award show was posted online. In the photos, the couple can be seen holding hands and walking together. Sung Hae Eun can also be seen kindly waving at fans after hearing their screams.

In their post, the author explained in detail how they happened upon the couple..

I was waiting for a different actor when Hae Eun and Hyun Kyu came out. Everyone was wondering who it was since they were far away, and some people were muttering that they thought it was Hyun Kyu and Hae Eun before screaming after seeing them hold hands. Once they heard us, they both looked over and greeted us, LOL.

Netizens were ecstatic after seeing the video clip, with many fans of the show going as far as to thank the author for posting it.

  • “Thanks to you, my horrible commute became much happier.”
  • “Oh, my god.”
  • “That’s crazy. Way to start the day with a dopamine hit.”
  • “Thank you, I love you (for posting the clip). I love them, ㅠㅠ.”
  • Daebak.”
  • “I came back to see this clip again, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Wowwww.”
  • “I like this so much, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “I get the same dopamine hit no matter how many times I watch it.”
  • “Wow, daebak.”

Sung Hae Eun and Jung Hyun Kyu met on TVING‘s original dating show, EXchange 2, and became a couple in real life. EXchange 2 followed a group of former partners living together as former couples had to decide whether to hold on to old relationships or start new ones.

Source: theqoo