Sung Hoon Reveals The Heartwarming Story About How He Adopted His Dog

Their story will have you in tears.

Actor Sung Hoon introduced his new pet, Yanghee, through I Live Alone.


Sung Hoon and Yanghee both met each other through a heartwarming story. Sung Hoon first met Yanghee when she was a puppy at a shelter. She was suffering from measles and skin diseases, so the shelter was planning to put her to sleep that very same day.


Sung Hoon saw Yanghee and immediately offered to be her foster parent. He revealed that all dogs in Korea must spend a month at a temporary stay before it can be adopted by anyone.

The day I brought Yanghee home was when she was supposed to be put down. She was a puppy who was suffering from measles and skin diseases. I took her home after deciding to be her foster parent.

Our country has a law where pets can’t be adopted immediately. They require to be put on hold for a month.

— Sung Hoon


Sung Hoon was educated on how to take care of Yanghee, and he brought her home with him that very day she was supposed to be put down.


Thanks to Sung Hoon’s love and care, Yanghee’s health got much better. And right when her month with Sung Hoon was up, a prospective adoptive family showed interest in Yanghee.


But Sung Hoon fell in love with Yanghee and didn’t want to give her up. He received the news while he was at the gym and he claimed that he couldn’t focus at all by the sadness of parting with her.


He sent the prospective parents a long message explaining everything about Yanghee from her personality to her medical needs.


After talking with Sung Hoon, the adoptive family desired a healthier dog, so Sung Hoon immediately adopted Yanghee as his own!

Right when the month was over, someone wanted to adopt her. But I couldn’t part with her.

I got the message when I was working out and I couldn’t do anything. I immediately went back home to see Yanghee.

I sent them a long message.

The people who wanted to adopt her wanted a healthier dog, so I think it worked out for the best. I then decided to adopt her myself.

— Sung Hoon


Ever since then, Yanghee has been growing healthier by the day as Sung Hoon absolutely dotes on her like his own daughter!


Here’s to a long and healthy life to Yanghee and Sung Hoon!

Source: Newsen