Sung Hoon Reveals Why He Feels Extremely Guilty About His Infamous Underwater Kiss Scene

“I’m revealing this now but I was so sorry…”

Actor Sung Hoon opened up about why he feels bad about the infamous underwater kiss scene with actress Im Soo Hyang, and you will not see it coming!

| SBS World/ Youtube

On the latest episode of Jessi’s Showterview, Sung Hoon appeared as a guest!

During the keyword interview segment, the keyword presented to him was “1000:1”. When asked what he thinks it means, Sung Hoon answered by revealing how he was cast for his very first drama, New Tales Of Gisaeng!

Maybe that’s…the chance of passing was one of 1000 for the first audition. My peer who was at the same agency as me, he applied for the [drama] audition, and I just came along with him. I was extremely lucky.

—Sung Hoon

The staff then played a snippet of Sung Hoon from “New Tales Of Gisaeng”, and Sung Hoon dkid nothing but cringe!

I came all the way and came across for this…

—Sung Hoon

In that snippet, there was a shot of infamous underwater kiss scene with Im Soo Hyang!

Jessi then asked him about his experience with underwater kissing, and Sung Hoon brought the entire studio to laughter by revealing why and how sorry he was to Im Soo Hyang in that one scene!

Now that I’m speaking of it, I feel bad for Soo Hyang. It would be fine to kiss standing and facing each other. But when either one of us flips over, that person will swallow water quite a lot.

—Sung Hoon

On Jessi’s recommendation, Sung Hoon then left a video message for Im Soo Hyang, 10 years after their legendary underwater kiss scene!

Hey, Soo Hyang. I’m coming clean about this after a decade. Apparently, I could have gone downwards instead of you… But I didn’t want to swallow water. I’m revealing this now but I was so sorry…

—Sung Hoon

Watch him talk about after the underwater kiss scene here!