Sung Hoon Claims He’ll Quit The Entertainment Industry If He Doesn’t Achieve This Goal By The Time He’s 40

He has 4 years to achieve this goal.

Actor Sung Hoon appeared on Entertainment Weekly to discuss his growing stardom since his latest dramas and appearance on I Live Alone. During the interview, the host recalled that Sung Hoon’s goal back in 2017 was to stop living by rent but have a place of his own.


Two years later, Sunghoon revealed that he still lives by rent!

Ah… My life really hasn’t progressed. I still rent.

— Sunghoon


Sunghoon then jokingly revealed that he’ll try to live rent-free by the time he hits 40-years-old. If not, he’ll look for other sources of employment.

That means he has 4 years to achieve this goal since he’s currently 36 years old.

I’m well into my mid-to-late 30s. I’ll give it a try until I’m 40 or find some other employment if I don’t make it.

— Sunghoon


But it seems that his goal is just around the corner as Sung Hoon’s popularity has never been higher and it still continues to grow! A massive amount of fans showed up on the streets to see Sung Hoon.


And with just one look, the fans couldn’t get enough of him!


Sung Hoon revealed that he still can’t believe how much his popularity has increased. He even jokingly wondered if the show cast him for the interview because there weren’t enough celebrities who are “not involved in a scandal” these days.


Although Sung Hoon may say he’ll quit the entertainment industry, his talent and rising stardom prove he’s well on his way to owning his own home very soon!

Source: Newsen