Actor Sung Hoon Reveals Why He Decided To Quit His Career As A Professional Swimmer

“Gotta tell my story in tears.”

Popular actor Sung Hoon recently appeared in an episode of Jessi’s Showterview where he revealed why he decided to quit swimming.

For fans who may not be aware, Sung Hoon was a very talented swimmer, yet he quit and has mainly focused on the entertainment business. Though he stopped swimming as a sport, he often gets back in the water for entertainment purposes, such as the shows, Cool Kiz on the Block and Home Alone. 

The topic of Sung Hoon and swimming came up once Jessi revealed his keyword was “swimmer.” Sung Hoon shared, “I made my debut at the age of 30-ish, and back then I was a swimmer.”

He went into further details and shared, “My best record was CR…CR of National Championships.” Clearly, Sung Hoon had a great talent for swimming, but why did he quit?

Jessi had the same curiosity and asked the reasoning he decided to stop and focus on being an actor and entertainer: “Why did you quit swimming?

Swimming must’ve been special for Sung Hoon as he suggested he might get emotional:

Gotta tell my story in tears from now on.

— Sung Hoon

Of course, Jessi was all ears and full of curiosity and encouraged Sung Hoon to share his story.

Swimming is basically a record game, and my physical ability went down. I’m sticking around at this record time at the most. But I saw rookies paving their way. I was preparing to retire someday.

— Sung Hoon

At this point, the comedic Sung Hoon turned the story from emotional to light-hearted and funny.

Park Tae Hwan. Park Tae Hwan set a great record since high school. After I read his record, I retired with my friend. Not because of Park Tae Hwan. I just thought I’d be lonely to quit alone, so I quit with my friend.

— Sung Hoon

At his humorous remarks, the staff of Showterview laughed. Though sad, at least Sung Hoon is able to make people smile with his story.

Check out Sung Hoon’s story below: