Popular Actor Confesses He Couldn’t Stop Acting Because Of His Massive Debt

He had to face difficult times.

Sung Hoon has recently been on a fast climb to fame as he’s become one of the most popular actors in the industry thanks to his various drama features and his role in I Live Alone.


But he confessed during a recent interview that he was under a lot of debt because of his acting career, yet he couldn’t stop acting because of his debt.

I accumulated a lot of debt after I debuted as an actor, and I think I couldn’t stop my acting career because of the debt.

I think I kept piling on debt while thinking, ‘Let’s keep going until the end.’

— Sung Hoon


Surprisingly, Sung Hoon didn’t initially pursue acting as a passion in life. He used to be a swimmer because he didn’t want to study and he started acting because he couldn’t swim.

I started swimming because I didn’t want to study. I was very bad compared to my swim mates. I was just good enough to qualify for the national competitions.

As I got injured and had to undergo multiple surgeries, I had to give up swimming. That made me wonder what else I could do for a living and just dove into acting.

— Sung Hoon


But Sung Hoon won an award as soon as he debuted with New Tales Of Gisaeng in 2011! Despite his golden start, he faced difficult times in the years to follow as his career began to decline.


But as he diligently studied acting and put his heart into his newfound career, it’s become his sole purpose in life! He once claimed that his goal is to “become an actor who is respected by other actors.


And thankfully, Sung Hoon has paid off “nearly all” of his debt thanks to his recent popularity and hard work!


Here’s to many more golden years as Sung Hoon now leaves the pressures of debt far behind him to focus on his golden years!


Check out his full interview below:

Source: TV Report