Actor Sung Tae Joon Slashed By Sword — Sent To Emergency Room

The actor is reportedly at the hospital.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Actor Sung Tae Joon suffered a head injury while performing the musical Macbeth.

Sung Tae Joon | @sungtaejooni/Instagram

On December 20, Hicon Entertainment released a statement. According to his label, the actor received a gash in his head after being hit with a prosthetic sword used for the show.

During the earlier part of the show, he received a gash in his head from a prosthetic sword in an accident. The actor continued the show while bleeding and immediately went to the emergency room once the show had ended, where he was examined and treated.

— Hicon Entertainment

The label then revealed that the actor was recovering.

We would like to tell the audience who may have been shocked that the actor will be treated at the hospital until he recovers from the wound. Also, the show will continue without any casting changes.

— Hicon Entertainment

Meanwhile, Sung Tae Joon is a musical actor who has also appeared in the K-Dramas Lovely Horribly and Happy Sisters.

Source: wikitree