Sungjae Is BTOB’s New Leader After A Bizarre Series Of Events

Sungjae is now more powerful than he’s ever been.

BTOB recently celebrated their seven-year anniversary and like many groups of this age, this celebration brought with it some sadness as the group’s older members started to enlist in the military to fulfil their obligation to serve before a certain age.

Last August, BTOB’s leader Eunkwang enlisted in the army so the group decided to play a game to decide a new leader to lead in Eunkwang’s absence. They spun a wheel and Minhyuk was chosen as the group’s temporary leader. For fun, they also decided to spin to decide a new maknae despite Sungjae still having years left before he needs to complete his service. In a twist of fate, the wheel landed on Sungjae himself so he retained his maknae status.

Fast forward to March 21st and Minhyuk was also required to enlist in the military. BTOB decided to play the game once more with the condition that if Sungjae was chosen as maknae again then he would be promoted to leader. The wheel was spun and it landed on Peniel, making him the new leader of BTOB.

However, when the wheel deciding the new maknae was spun it landed on Sungjae again! Sungjae was made the new leader of BTOB much to Peniel’s chagrin. Since Sungjae would be busy leading, the group decided to spin the wheel one last time to decide a new maknae. After they spun the wheel for the third time, it landed on Sungjae once more. Sungjae is now both BTOB’s leader and their maknae and he has promised to “lead BTOB well until Eunkwang returns”.

With the ominous message from Eunkwang: “Enjoy it while I’m gone” adorning the wheel, Sunjae should enjoy his new-found power while it lasts.