Sungjae jokingly aims for Kyuhyun’s MC position on “Radio Star”

On the May 27th episode of MBC‘s Golden Fishery – Radio Star, BTOB‘s Sungjae jokingly says that he is aiming to replace Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun as MC on Radio Star.

The theme of the episode surrounded MBC‘s program King of Mask Singer where Sungjae appeared alongside f(x)‘s Luna, ex-After School leader Kahi, composer Kim Hyung Seok, and MC of the program, Kim Sung Joo.

As Sungjae says he thinks that Kyuhyun shares a lot of similarities, Kyuhyun tactfully replies, “Why are there so many people coveting at my position?” and raised laughs in the studio. Kyuhyun then follows with, “That will have to wait till I enlist in the military.”

Upon hearing this, Sungjae innocently asks “When are you going?” to which Kyuhyun answers, “Maybe sometime next year” with a pout.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Lee Seung Chul, Gummy, Jung Yeop and INFINITE‘s Sungkyu have recorded the June 3rd episode of Radio Star, appearing as acclaimed singers on May 27th. With “the best vocals gathering in one place” as an official stated, Radio Star will look as a special music program this time.

It was also disclosed that the program is looking forward to having Lee Seung Chul as a guest on the program. As he welcomed his 30th anniversary with the release of his new album, he will surely have a good time during the recording and spending time with talented juniors in the music industry.

Source: OSEN and TV Report