Sung Joon reveals thoughts on shooting CF with Tang Wei

Actor Sung Joon, who is a big fan of Tang Wei, expressed his thoughts on shooting a CF with Tang Wei as “deeply thrilled and honored.” 

Recently, Sung Joon and Tang Wei were selected as KolonSport’s  F/W season CF models. Sung Joon further rejoiced, “I am actually a big fan of Tang WeiI was startled when I first saw her. Rather than the word ‘beautiful’ the word ‘wonderful’ came up. She is an actress deserving much respect. I am honoured to be shot in one-frame with her. It is still unbelievable I shot a CF together with Tang Wei. It gave me a thought that I might have succeeded a little as an actor.”

Meanwhile, Sung Joon has proved his ability as an actor once again during the recent hit-drama Discovery of Love. Are you looking forward for their CF together?

Source: TV Report