Sungwoon, Jaehwan, Daehwi, And Jihoon Played As A Team For ISAC PUBG And It’s Giving Everyone Wanna One Flashbacks

All I Wanna Do.

Sungwoon, Jaehwan, Daehwi, and Jihoon surprised fans by playing as a team in ISAC 2020’s PUBG section, and it’s making everyone miss Wanna One.

According to fans watching the games live, the boys even did their “All I Wanna Do!” intro, making fans all around the world shed a tear. The group debuted in 2017 and disbanded early 2019 as per their contract with Mnet. Since then, fans have been living for any little interaction the boys have, and this may be the biggest one yet!

Many K-Fans have commended Jihoon for carrying the team, calling him the group’s “hard carry.” Their team won because of Jihoon’s skills!

Daehwi was the group’s healer, and fans are saying that it was Jihoon who taught Daehwi how to heal during the practice game when he died.

Ha Sungwoon was also great, with people saying he was the hidden ace and would carry the team when needed.

Kim Jaehwan was the group’s energizer, and, well, he spent most of his time hiding from the enemies. But he was pretty funny while doing it!

The boys were able to snatch first place and even showed off their medals to their fans.

Here’s to more Wanna One moments! Maybe 2020 has more in store?

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