Sunmi Seemingly “Disses” Her Former Company, JYP Entertainment

Sunmi is too real.

Of the many artists who have departed from JYP Entertainment, two known for expressing their feelings on the subject are GOT7‘s BamBam and Sunmi.

The two idols not only share the same birthday but are both active under ABYSS Company.

BamBam has always been much more “daring” with his words,ย roasting his former company and YG Entertainment on an episode of Sunmi’s Showterview.

Now Sunmi has seemingly dissed JYPE herself!

Sunmi was the latest guest on BamBam’sย Bam Houseย to discuss her newest album.

During one portion of the show, BamBam calls Sunmi the “lake of ABYSS,” telling the idol she is the reason the company grew so much.

BamBam admits if Sunmi was not there, he would not have joined the company. He reveals that he actually contacted her before joining to ask about ABYSS, feeling reassured when she told him good things.


After BamBam says he now feels comfortable at the company, Sunmi states that a large size doesn’t make a company good.

When BamBam questions if she just dissed a company, she says it was a diss. The video’s caption says “spicy comment towards previous company,” making many assume she is talking about JYP Entertainment, which was one of the “Big 3” companies.

You can check out the full episode below.