Sunmi Files Lawsuits Against 12 Individuals For Defamation

Sunmi’s agency will not hold mercy for malicious commenters.

On October 28, Sunmi‘s agency, Makeus Entertainment revealed that they had filed 12 defamation lawsuits against malicious commenters.


Hello. This is Makeus Entertainment. On October 24, we filed lawsuits to the Songpa Police Station against 12 identified individuals allegedly accused of defamation. On August 9, 2019, we found comments that undermined the image and reputation of Sunmi through false information. This is in violation of the laws on defamation (Article 70 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection) and insult (Article 311 of the Criminal Act). Due to the cooperation of Sunmi’s fans, we were able to collect evidence and send it along with the filed lawsuits.


They hope that their harsh response to these malicious commenters will help create a better online environment for everyone.



Additionally, we will pursue legal action without mercy and will proceed to file a second round of lawsuits. Thank you for your love and support for Sunmi. We will do our best to protect our artists. We hope that our efforts will help create a healthier and mature internet culture. Thank you.


Fans were also glad that Sunmi’s agency had taken legal action to set things straight.




Source: news chosun