Sunmi Gets Real About Her Struggles With Borderline Personality Disorder

Sunmi is passionate about using her platform to support others who face mental health issues.

Sunmi opened up about her struggles with borderline personality disorder during her first-ever English interview.

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Sunmi was featured on the March 8 episode of the podcast Spotify: Mic Check. During the podcast, she discussed the pressures of trying to financially support her family as a trainee, her experience as a Wonder Girls member, and her growth as a solo artist.

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Sunmi also got extremely candid about her struggles with borderline personality disorder during the podcast. Borderline personality disorder is a mental health disorder that can negatively impact the way one thinks about oneself and others. People with borderline personality disorder often face self-esteem issues, difficulty managing their emotions, and impaired social relationships.

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Sunmi was first diagnosed with borderline personality disorder roughly 7 years ago, but she confessed that she has struggled with her mental health for years. Her mental health struggles played a role in her decision to leave the Wonder Girls. She said, “When I decided to take a break from Wonder Girls in 2010, I wasn’t sure whether my choice was right or wrong. I just needed some time. At that moment, I had no choice but to stop because both my body and mind were exhausted and unhealthy.”

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Sunmi said her diagnosis has impacted her music and her outlook on her life. Now, she feels more comfortable being open about her mental health and strives to comfort others who face the same or similar struggles.

Actually, I have been fighting with mental illness for a long time, and the first song that revealed my pain was ‘Borderline.’ I was afraid to express the raw feelings I experienced, but before I even realized, I overcame all the pain at some point. So finally, I got the courage to make ‘Borderline.’ I made this song to come forward and sympathize with those who are suffering.

— Sunmi


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