Sunmi Hopes To Be A Female Solo Artist That Lasts in The Industry

She’s making history.

Singer Sunmi has graced the cover of Cosmopolitan’s September issue with dazzling purple lights. Recently, Sunmi gained attention for her feauture in Park Jin Young’s new track “When We Disco.”

The cover of the magazine reveals Sunmi wearing a tube top with purple eye makeup. She is making pose with her hands to signify Cosmopolitan’s 20th anniversary.

Sunmi, who debuted at an early age, will be hitting her 20th debut anniversary in just six years. To this, Sunmi responded, “I didn’t even think that I would be able to be active for this long. But times have changed and we no longer live in an era where age is just a number.”

| Magazine scans from @doogoodugu/ Cosmopolitan

She emphasized that she continues to work hard in order to not become old or forgotten. “A lot of hard work and effort is needed in order to not be forgotten. I want to be a solo female artist that lasts a long time in this industry.”

Sunmi is known for having many female fans that look up to her. “Women also like pretty women and cool women. I’m happy to think that people think that of me.”

| Magazine scans from @doogoodugu/ Cosmopolitan

After moving agencies, she has continued her journey as a ‘solo queen’, releasing “Gashina”, “Heroine”, and “Siren.” She brings a shocking stage and performance with a specific concept each time, creating her own image and identity of ‘Sunmi Pop’ to the fans.

Her most recent release of “pporappippam” expresses the feeling of people in love to a mystical purple hue. This is her first release since her single Lalalay ten months ago. This song is also special because she produced and wrote the lyrics for the song with Frants.

| Magazine scans from @doogoodugu/ Cosmopolitan

She released this track as a way to bring something fun and happy to those that were feeling down. Compared to her other songs, which are mostly about breakups, she took a different route this time with the concept of love.

Sunmi debuted as Wonder Girls under JYP Entertainment in 2007 before making her solo debut in 2013.

| Magazine scans from @doogoodugu/ Cosmopolitan

Check out Cosmopolitan’s September issue to read more from the interview.

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