Sunmi Reveals Her Thoughts About Latest JYP Juniors, ITZY

She talked about their songs and the members.

Sunmi was recently having a conversation with her fans during a live broadcast when she was asked what she thought about the latest JYP juniors, ITZY.


She immediately began singing their debut song, “DALLA DALLA”.


She had all the lyrics down and even their choreography!


She confessed that she thought “ITZY are so cute!


Sunmi then shared that she’s actually a big fan of Lia!

“I like Lia. I really, really like Lia. She’s so cute!

Lia, you’re so cute!”

— Sunmi


She didn’t want to leave any of her JYP juniors behind, so she proudly stated that she knows all of their names and named each member one by one!


Even though Sunmi left JYP, she’s still a part of the family as she always keeps up with her latest JYP juniors!


Watch Sunmi shower ITZY with love below (Starts at 28:00):