Sunmi Spills The Tea About Her Hilarious Misunderstanding With SHINee’s Key… In ASMR?

How can a story be so funny yet so relaxing? 😂

Sunmi has been in the K-Pop industry for over a decade, having started with Wonder Girls before becoming the soloist we know her as today. But all this experience doesn’t mean she can’t still make the occasional mistake here and there.

Sunmi during “Tail” promotions. | @official_sunmi/Instagram

Sunmi recently began an ASMR show on her YouTube channel where she has been doing everything from reading her song lyrics to unwrapping her golden play button (a gift from YouTube for reaching 1 Million Subscribers) and on this week’s show she chose to end the episode with a Q&A segment.

Sunmi, the ASMR queen. | SUNMI/YouTube 

After completing her first two questions about her music she reached a question asking if she had “Any fun episode during a music broadcast?

“Any fun episode during a music broadcast?” | SUMNI/YouTube 

She began by saying that while this wasn’t exactly from a music broadcast, she did have a story from her recent “TAIL” promotions. While promoting, her and her idol pal Chungha were invited to tvN’s Amazing Saturday- Doremi Market where SHINee‘s Key is one of the regular cast members.

Sunmi as a guest on Amazing Saturday in March, 2021. | 놀라운 토요일 Amazing Saturday/YouTube 

While there, Sunmi got stuck on a quiz question and Key helped her to solve it. This is where her misunderstanding happened.

Key helps Sunmi out. | 놀라운 토요일 Amazing Saturday/YouTube 

For years Sunmi had believed that Key was younger than her so she thanked him very casually. She left the broadcast with no idea anything off had happened until she saw a comment on the video saying “I think Sunmi doesn’t know Key is older than her.” 

“I think Sunmi doesn’t know Key is older than her.” | SUNMI/YouTube 

Embarrassed, Sunmi ran to the internet for answers only to discover that Key was, in fact, a whole year older than her. Luckily, the Sunmi and SHINee had overlapping schedules and she was finally able to apologize.

“I was stunned and searched Key on the internet. He’s one year older than me.” | SUNMI/YouTube 

Key, however, paid it absolutely no mind and instead comforted her with a response of “Hey! We’re friends anyway!” After ending her story, she responded in her ASMR voice with a big thank you to who she’s now learned is “Key oppa“.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t know that you’re older than me. I thought you’re younger than me so far. I’m really sorry” “Hey! We’re friends anyway!” | SUNMI/YouTube 

Sunmi may be grateful for that side of Key but before she ended this segment, she took the time to jokingly mention that Key has made her nervous to make a comeback because he has raised the bar for ending fairies!

Key, The ending fairy of legend. | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube 

Sunmi proves that no matter how long you’ve been in an industry, it’s ok to make mistakes and even more ok to own up to them! To see more of the questions she answered as well as hear her relaxing voice deliver ASMR checkout the video below:

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