Sunmi Receives Backlash For Comments On BTS

She gave BTS the credit for K-Pop’s global influence.

Solo artist Sunmi sat down with Billboard for an exclusive interview while visiting various cities as part of her “Warning” world tour.

Billboard talked about Sunmi’s early career with the Wonder Girls, who held one of the most well-received World Tours back in 2010.

You’re one of South Korea’s most popular soloists but you got your start in the Wonder Girls, who also spent some time in the U.S. How have things changed?

I can’t believe it. At the time, there was no section of K-pop on Billboard.


Sunmi, and the Wonder Girls, was then credited for paving the way for K-Pop’s global popularity. To this, Sunmi humbly disagreed.

It’s partially because of the groundwork laid by you and Wonder Girls.

No, BTS.


She then commented on the change in approach to K-Pop, and the rise in its popularity since her time with the Wonder Girls.

We started the column in 2013.

Oh, really? Well, in general the approach towards K-pop has changed a lot, it wasn’t well known. I was an opener [with Wonder Girls] for the Jonas Brothers, but now I’m having my solo concert.


Sunmi’s comments on BTS garnered quite a bit of backlash. Some K-Pop fans disagreed with her views, and credited 2nd generation K-Pop groups as the ones who forged the path ahead in the west.

However, other fans came out to pledge their support for Sunmi and her views.

Sunmi isn’t the first to give BTS the credit.

In an interview at KCON LA last year, TWICE Jihyo thanked BTS for the opportunity to become more well-known.

“We never knew K-pop would become so popular in America but because BTS paved the way and gave us an opportunity to become more known, we’re very thankful and want to promote more in the states.”


KARD also praised BTS for their journey and mentioned the effect of BTS as a “stimulus for others”.

Source: Twitter