Sunmi Shocks Everyone With Extremely Revealing Dress For 2018 AAA

She walked down the red carpet looking like a queen.

Sunmi appeared at the red carpet for the 2018 Asia Artist Awards (2018 AAA) and surprised everyone with her extremely revealing evening dress.


On the afternoon of November 28, Sunmi appeared on the red carpet at the Incheon Paradise City Art Space Plaza for the 2018 Asia Artist Awards.


On this day, she shocked everyone with not only her beauty but with her bold dress choice!


Sunmi showed off her lean figure wearing a long black evening dress that showed a little more cleavage than what she usually wore.


No matter how fancy her dress was, however, it could not cover Sunmi’s beauty as she showed off an elegant smile and posed for the cameras.


Check out more of Sunmi’s photos below:

Source: My Daily