Sunmi Reveals She Was Initially Approached To Write The Lyrics For TWICE’s “Cry For Me”

She reveals why she ended up rejecting the song.

Sunmi recently revealed that she was originally supposed to be the songwriter of TWICE‘s upcoming, much-anticipated track, “Cry For Me”!

At the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), TWICE brought fans and netizens to a standstill when they debuted a performance of a yet-to-be released song, “Cry For Me”!

The song and TWICE both trended on online platforms for quite a while after the performance, prompting JYP Entertainment to finally announce the official release the song!

Sunmi held a live broadcast, where she talked to fans about tons of interesting topics!

She soon brought up the topic of “Cry For Me”, and revealed that she not fell in love with the song, but she was originally supposed to write the lyrics for it herself!

Did TWICE’s song come out? Is “Cry For Me” out? I saw their first stage at MAMA. I was asked [to work on the lyrics] but I was so busy with promoting at the time that I couldn’t. Isn’t “Cry For Me” really good? I love it.

Oh, it hasn’t been officially release yet? I see. The song is so good though.


Fans know would have absolutely loved the TWICExSunmi collaboration!

TWICE’s upcoming release of “Cry For Me” is set for December 18.

Watch their performance at the 2020 MAMA here!