One Of Sunmi’s New Songs Was Made Especially For Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Sunmi x Seulgi = Friendship goals!

Sunmi became fast friends with Red Velvet‘s Seulgi after appearing together on Secret Unnie.


The friendship appears to hold a special meaning for Sunmi as one of the tracks off of her latest album, “WARNING”, was made especially for Seulgi! The special track is called, “Secret Tape”.


Sunmi wrote the song even before she met Seulgi, but she finally finished the song with all of the special memories together in mind.

“I was in Saipan when I heard that I was going to be meeting you, so I wrote a song. I wanted it to commemorate the time we spent together.”

— Sunmi


Although the song was only in the beginning stages during their filming, Sunmi already knew that the keyword to the song would be “Secret”.

“I want us to never tell anyone else what we talked about today.

Because it’s a secret.”

— Sunmi


During their Secret Unnie filming, Sunmi also brought a retro walkman to show Seulgi.

“This is going to become a memory for Seulgi and me.”

— Sunmi


It became a symbol of their friendship as the two both love anything vintage!

“I thought Seulgi would like [the walkman] too.”

— Sunmi


Sunmi uploaded a photo of their walkman a few weeks later, claiming that it “helped” with the music production of her latest album.

“This unexpectedly helped me with my music 😂😂”

— Sunmi


And low and behold! It was included in the beginning track of Sunmi’s song for Seulgi! (Listen closely in the beginning to hear the cassette tape click.)


Sunmi and Seulgi are literally friendship goals!

Source: Nate Pann