Sunmi’s Original “Siren” Made For Wonder Girls Was Completely Different

It shows how much she’s grown.

Sunmi previously confessed that she originally wrote ‘Siren’ for Wonder Girls back in 2016. Plans fell through, and Sunmi ended up releasing it as a solo track back in September.


Sunmi recently surprised fans by dropping the original version of the track that she made for Wonder Girls!


The original lyrics told a story of Sunmi telling her lover to leave her as they’ve grown out of love for her.

“Now I’m being forgotten
That your heart is empty
Tell me that instead

Even though you know how sad my heart is
Your cold and heartless expression
I can’t stand it anymore

Just go
Stop hesitating
Just go
Don’t make it difficult
Just leave
Me, the girl who doesn’t fit your fantasies.”

— ‘Siren’ (2016)


The original lyrics conveys a completely different story, where Sunmi dares you to fall in love with her, despite the fact that she will hurt you.

“I told you not to be deceived
That the moment you take this hand, you’ll be in danger
Now you’re bleeding, but are you still attracted?
You clearly know but why are you staring at me?

Just come
Don’t hesitate even a little
Just come
You know that I’ll hurt you
The beautiful me of your fantasies doesn’t exist”

— ‘Siren’ (2018)


After hearing how much the song changed within the two years, fans are in love with both versions! They’re demanding that Sunmi stop leaving them hanging and release the full track!