These Two Idols Freaked Out When They Saw Sunmi

And their reactions were so cute that even Sunmi couldn’t get over it!

Sunmi has charms that attract not only male fans but female fans too, and they are not limited to non-celebrities!


Weki Meki’s Yoojung and GFRIEND’s Umji are two female idols who may be two of Sunmi’s biggest fans.


This was evident when the two idols appeared on an episode of Idol Room and couldn’t even look Sunmi in the eyes out of starstruck shyness.


When the hosts suggested that Umji and Yoojung face Sunmi face to face and say something as a concluding message, both idols became so shy that they could not even lift their heads.


Umji was eventually forced to go first but she was so embarrassed that she just did not know what to do with herself!


Eventually, she had to ask for more time to get her thoughts together and had Yoojung go ahead of her.


And Yoojung was not much braver! When Sunmi held her hands, she couldn’t get a hold of herself…


But in the end, she even gathered the courage to ask for Sunmi’s phone number!


Umji was also finally able to get her thoughts together and successfully get her message across to Sunmi.


These two idols may have been the happiest Sunmi fans on this day! Hopefully, this encounter can become the start of a greater senior-junior/star-fan relationship!


Watch the cute interaction of these three idols below: