Sunny lends her voice for Rooftop House Studio’s debut single

A video teaser of Girls’ Generation member Sunny with indie band Rooftop House Studio was recently released, foretelling their music collaboration for the band’s upcoming debut single Heart Throbbing.

In the video, Rooftop House Studio can be seen anticipating their featured guest and surprised to see Sunny entering the studio. They even prepared a cake to show their gratitude for Sunny, and the trio displayed a fun and harmonious atmosphere with their bright smiles and excited voices.

The teaser also gives viewers a sneak peek to the music video by showing a couple having a date happily in the nice weather. As for the song itself, it will be a love song with a sweet melody matching well with Sunny’s voice, which is about your throbbing heart while you fall in love.

Sunny also shared a picture with Rooftop House Studio on her instagram account on April 17th, showing her support and expectation for the release of their collaboration.

The music video and full track of “Heart Throbbing” will be released on April 21st.

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Source: Korea Economic