Sunny Makes Fun Of Yoona’s Breasts, Calling Her “Flat”

On a preview for JTBC’s Knowing Brother, Girls’ Generation Sunny made fun of Yoona for her breast size.

The girls were playing a mirror game while dressed up like Snow White.

Two members faced each other through a fake mirror and imitated each other’s movements.

When Yoona was paired up with Sunny, she started off by questioning their similarities.

“Are you sure it’s a mirror?”

— Yoona

Ever fierce as she is witty, Sunny pointed back at Yoona’s chest area and questioned their similarities too.

“Huh? Where did it go?”

— Sunny

Yoona cutely flushed at Sunny’s comment that she was flat chested.

But the unquestionable fact is that they are both unbelievably beautiful women!