Sunny meets Girls’ Generation’s rivals on “Sunny’s FM Date”

Having made their debut and comebacks at the same time, Sunny meets up with Girls’ Generation’s rivals, Wonder Girls, on a recent episode of MBC’s Sunny’s FM Date.

Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girl who were known to be one of the strongest girl groups and usually perceived as rivals met up with Sunny as they promote their latest album on her radio program. The photo from the said guesting gathered interest as Sunny posed with the members of Wonder Girls giving off a friendly and bright-faced atmosphere.

Since making their respective debuts and promotional activities since 2007, the two groups managed to become one of the leading girl groups in the Korean music industry, hence, speculations of the two groups being matched against each other.

This time, however, Girls’ Generation will be promoting almost the same time with their Lion Heart release as Wonder Girls continue promotions for REBOOT. 


Source: Dispatch

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