Super Junior’s Donghae Shows His True Personality By Helping A Man Who Fell Off His Motorbike

An absolute angel!

Super Junior‘s Donghae showed his kind nature when he helped a biker on his way home from filming.

On June 10, 2021, Donghae wrapped up his shooting for the “D&E Show” and on his way home, he witnessed a minor accident. Due to the rainy weather condition, a biker fell off their motorbike! Luckily, Donghae was near the fall and quickly stepped out of his car to check on the biker.

Fans who witnessed the incident revealed that Donghae showed his caring personality and concern for the biker by asking if he was injured in any way.

Those around asked whether the two needed any help with lifting the heavy bike up and Donghae agreed it was a good idea. Together, Donghae and others near helped the biker lift his motorbike. After lifting the bike, Donghae examined the traffic for the biker and advised his fans to be cautious and stay safe. What an angel!

Donghae has always shown his warm-hearted personality and this made fans swoon!

This is not the first time Donghae has shown his kind personality and we can all agree he is truly an angel!

Source: @SJ_SSAL

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