Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Shows Generosity By Donating 100 Million KRW To Coronavirus Efforts

He’s joining many other celebrities in this effort!

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk is the latest K-Pop idol to join the list of celebrities making generous donations to the fight against COVID-19.

He has reportedly donated 100 million KRW (which translates to around $83,311 USD) to Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association.The foundation says they’re using donations such at this to provide support for medical staff, which includes buying face masks and hand sanitizer to help prevent the disease from spreading.

I hope this could help anyone who is suffering due to the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus and support the medical staff devoted to containing the outbreak.

— Eunhyuk

Other celebrities that have donated to the cause so far include BTS‘s Suga, all of Red Velvet, Zico, IU, B.I., and many more.

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