Super Junior Eunhyuk’s Curt Response At A Fansign Sparks Debate On What Should Be Expected Or Not From Idols

“He did not ask you to spend your money.”

Recently, Super Junior D&E held a videocall fansign to commemorate the release of their first full length album, COUNTDOWN. During a fansign on November 5, Eunhyuk had taken part in the fansign duly. What sparked controversy was the conversation he had with a fan of 14 years.

While fansign conversations do not usually make it into news reported by Korean media outlets, Money Today reported on this particular one due to the debate it stirred up. According to the fan, she had explained to Eunhyuk that they had been his fan for 14 whole years and that it was her 6th year attending fansigns. The fan had asked Eunhyuk what sort of fan he remembered her as. However, his response disappointed her.

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As fansigns are expensive to get into, given that one has to purchase an album for one chance at the raffle and the more albums you get the higher chances you have, the fan couldn’t help but express her disappointment.

If you’re going to be like this, don’t do fansigns. Do you think fans get into fansigns easily? Fans spend as much money as can because they want to see you. To say, ‘don’t ask me to do that sort of thing’, is so ridiculous and makes me really angry. This is also considered a schedule (work). You’re always so low in mood and giving insincere responses, please keep it in check. Hyukjae-yah, there’s a limit to turning a blind eye too.

— Fan

Although the fan’s account has since been privated, the video was uploaded elsewhere as well as transcribed in articles.

  • Fan: “Oppa, what sort of fan do you remember me as?”
  • Eunhyuk: “A good fan.”
  • Fan: “It has been 14 years since I’ve started going to see your performances and my 6th year going to fansigns. Is that all you have to say?”
  • Eunhyuk: “Yes… Then what should I say?”
  • Fan: “Oppa… You’re too much, really.”
  • Eunhyuk: “Ah, don’t ask me to do that sort of thing!”

The issue has sparked debate on the expectations fans should or should not have of an idol. On one hand, some feel that idols, while not obliged, should take into account the money spent on fansigns and respond as sincerely as possible.

On the other hand, some feel that fans should not have any expectations towards their idols and that the money is voluntarily spent.

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  • “Just how bad was it that even people on K-Talk (forum) were pitying Eunhyuk LOL”
  • “Everyone was saying how pitiful idols are on K-Talk LOL What do you mean it’s justifiable for her to be sad. The fan lashed out on her own.”
  • “Watching the video, she has a right to be upset though?”
  • “I understand Eunhyuk though?”
  • “It’s so tough to be an idol.”

Is Hyukjae a pushover to you? How can you judge a person by that short time? I’ve liked him for 16 years.

— @congee_pic

In retrospect, some brought up MONSTA X Minhyuk‘s words regarding fansigns and fans.

A fansign is a very very precious time. Why? Because it is a very important place that is a culmination of effort, and to be honest, money, their love and preparations. Those few moments with the members is a very important time and day for the fans. So what should I do? I cannot ruin that time for them. The fan prepared all of this before coming. Money, time and love. They used all of this just for today. Especially, most of the time it is held on weekends. So it’s very important.

— Minhyuk

On the other hand, earlier in 2020, a controversy was stirred up when many members of the public criticized idols for giving insincere responses such as “oh, really?” It even sparked a popular ASMR parody of the situation.

What do you think?

Source: MT and theqoo

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