Super Junior’s Yesung Reveals Which Member Talks The Most In Their Group Chat

This is what happens in Super Junior’s chatroom!

Yesung recently appeared on a radio show where he revealed secret information about Super Junior’s relationship with each other!

The hosts had to guess which member talked the most in their group Kakao chat. The hosts guessed Siwon and Leeteuk.

super junior chat room

It turned out it was Leeteuk! Yesung claims the group chat is basically “Leteuk’s chatroom”.

lee teuk super junior chat 3

It feels like he’s narrating. Seriously. He talked to himself. If I ask him, ‘Who are you talking to?’, he replies, ‘I was talking to myself.’

— Yesung

Yesung also revealed that – besides him – the rest of the members rarely ever respond back.

None of the other members ever really respond. I’m the only one who responds back.

The read number does disappear but it takes a long time.

— Yesung

As always, the leader of Super Junior never fails to keep the members entertained!

super junior chatroom leeteyk

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