Super Junior’s Heechul Comments On Kep1er Chaehyun’s Weight And Visuals — Netizens Are Bitterly Divided

Heechul is known for speaking plainly and honestly.

Netizens have had mixed feelings over Super Junior Heechul‘s recent comments about Kep1er member Chaehyun.

Super Junior’s Heechul
Kep1er’s Chaehyun

Recently, Heechul appeared on Kep1er’s YouTube program KebyKe Resturant. Kep1er’s Xiaoting, Mashiro & Chaehyun, and entertainer Lee Su Ji host celebrity guests in a restaurant-like setting.

(left to right) Kep1er’s Xiaoting, Mashiro, Chaehyun, and entertainer Lee Su Ji. | 스튜디오 호락호락/YouTube

The latest episode featured Heechul and began comically as the “chefs” were given his long list of food dislikes.

When the idols sit down and join him, the topic of age comes up, and Chaehyun says that she is a 02-liner and is younger than Xiaoting and Mashiro, who are both 99-liners. Heechul expressed disbelief, saying she “doesn’t look any younger” than the two other Kep1er members.

Later in the episode, the stars bring up the subject of weight, mentioning that it is something that newer groups get in trouble over. Chaehyun notes that she was very skinny as a trainee, and Lee Su Ji says she is still skinny.

After she negates that, Heechul continues by saying that while she is skinny, she will be compared to other idols’ visuals. He also says that idols will be criticized whether or not they gain or lose weight because of this, and Chaehyun agrees.

These comments have earned mixed reactions from netizens, with some saying that Heechul did not mean any harm and spoke plainly from his experience as an idol, as he often does.

Others feel Heechul should not have commented on Chaehyun’s body, citing past criticism surrounding her weight.

Some have argued that men, in general, should not comment on women’s bodies as men are held to different standards, especially in the case of older men; Heechul is 19 years older than Chaehyun.

You can watch the full episode below.