Super Junior’s Heechul Indirectly Confesses That He Lied To Fans So He Could Attend A Birthday Party

He lied in an old post to fans.

On February 10, 2023, Super Junior‘s Heechul made waves when he appeared on close friend BJ Choi Goon‘s live stream. A BJ is a live streamer by occupation and they usually cover many different areas, from dance streams to gaming or even just casual talk. Heechul and Choi Goon had a “tipsy live” where they had an honest conversation with some drinks.

His normally candid and honest personality was further fueled by the alcohol, and Heechul ended up being a little too frank with his words.

  • Heechul: “Back in the day, I attended Choi Goon’s birthday party.”
  • Choi Goon: “You’re telling them that?”
  • Heechul: “Our Super Junior members were going to Indonesia for some opening ceremony.”
  • Choi Goon: “The Asian Games or something…”
  • Heechul: “This is something really unbelievable. I was also an idiot. But I thought that since I was close to Goon, I wanted to go to his party. Of course, the company tried to stop me. They were like, Heechul, we have to do the Olympic, no the Asian Games opening. Do you really have to go? So then, I hesitated for a bit. But my pride got hurt, and I was like, hey, I’m going to just congratulate Choi Goon on his birthday and eat with him. Is that so wrong? I guess the good thing about SM is that they were just like, well, ok, we don’t know who he is, but just go. Then just as soon as I went and celebrated, an article came out. For real. It was like Super Junior members were working hard for the ceremony but Heechul was off at a party.”

The matter became an issue of as it was belatedly found out that Heechul had claimed to have been sick during that time. According to Korean media articles dated back to 2018, Heechul had posted on his social media, apologizing to fans for missing out on the ceremony due to sickness.

| Maeil Kyungje

On the other hand, Super Junior member Kim Heechul could not attend the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games due to health issues. He posted on his Instagram on the 2nd, expressing his regrets about not being there, saying, “I will get healthy soon. You guys should be healthy too. Let’s meet healthy.” That day, through a live stream, he let it be known that the reason for his nonattendance was that he “cannot go on long plane rides for the time being” due to health issues.

— Maeil Kyungje

Other media articles also state that SM Entertainment had publicly stated the reason for his absence as illness back in 2018.

Many netizens were upset at the careless way Heechul spoke about the matter. Heechul had been bragging about his company, claiming that “even if they were trying to dissuade me, they still let me out of the scheduled event.” Despite his intentions of wanting to both praise the company and seem like a free soul, netizens were disappointed in his attitude, criticizing him for “irresponsibility towards official schedules and fans.

Others were concerned that “other artists would be affected by this as whenever someone is unable to attend a schedule due to alleged sickness, fans will just wonder if they were lying.

A look at Choi Goon’s live stream video from his birthday party in 2018 also showed Kim Heechul making a brief appearance.

| Insight

Since the infamous live stream, neither SM Entertainment nor Heechul has spoken up on the matter.

Source: Naver News, Nate Pann and Insight

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