Super Junior Heechul’s Parents Had The Most Shocking Reaction When He Got Into SM

And he almost signed a 30-year “slave” contract because of them…

On a recent episode of Life Bar, Super Junior‘s Heechul shared the story of how his parents reacted when he told them he got into SM Entertainment.


The other guests including Han Hye Jin talked about how it took a very long time for their parents to accept their careers. Han Hye Jin confessed that it took 18 years for her father to acknowledge her work.

“I was eating with my father and coincidentally, the channel I turned on was the 1 vs. 100 that I appeared on. That was the first time he acknowledged me as a celebrity in 18 years.” ㅡ Han Hye Jin


In contrast, Heechul’s parents were apparently ready to party when they heard news of Heechul’s offer from SM Entertainment.

“When I first became a trainee and signed the contract, my parents were in complete party mood.” ㅡ Heechul


After continuously being compared to their friends’ kids, who all happened to study very well, it seemed that his parents were very happy to hear their son doing something different. Afterall, it was SM Entertainment!

All of my parent’s friends children were good at studying. So they would talk about how someone got into this college or that college. But when I told them I got into SM Entertainment they were really happy.” ㅡ Heechul


In fact, his mother was apparently so excited and proud that they told Heechul to just go ahead and sign for 30 years!

“A funny thing happened when I was telling my mother about the contract period. She said, ‘Who else would take you, just sign for 30 years. Just sign it.'” ㅡ Heechul


He added that thanks to his parents’ full support, he was able to enjoy working comfortably.

“So I was able to work comfortably and enjoyably.” ㅡ Heechul


Heechul certainly was very lucky to have such supportive parents from the very beginning! Watch the full clip below:

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