Super Junior Members Reveals How They Truly Feel About Henry Leaving SM Entertainment

This is how they felt when Henry announced his departure.

Henry originally debuted as a member of Super Junior-M, a subunit of Super Junior that focused their promotions in China. Since his debut, Henry went on to release several solo albums and launch his successful career as a variety show personality.


Earlier this year, SM Entertainment announced that Henry did not renew his contract with the agency and chose to depart after his exclusive contract expired.


Super Junior’s Donghae and Euhyuk recently sat down at an interview where they revealed how they felt more sorry than hurt by the news of his departure.

“I feel like he grew up well and decided to leave. I feel more sorry and fond towards Henry than remorse.”

— Eunhyuk


Eunhyuk is proud of Henry for pursuing what he loves and the great success he’s accumulated for himself so far.

“I hope that he can do what he wants and continue to do well.

I’ve recently seen him show a variety of sides to himself through variety shows and his music, and I felt proud of him as an older brother.”

— Eunhyuk


Just because Henry left doesn’t mean the Super Junior bond isn’t there. Eunhyuk almost cried when Henry video called him recently just to check up on him!

“I believe he’s currently filming a movie, but he recently video called me and said, ‘Hyung, I miss you~’ I almost cried. That’s how much I loved him as a brother, and I am confident he will do well in his future.”

— Eunhyuk


No matter what happens, the Super Junior brothers always stick by each other!

Source: Xportsnews

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