[★K:OP-ED] Super Junior is the most neglected group in SM Entertainment

Of all of the groups in SM Entertainment, Super Junior is the most neglected band in the company despite their immense success and huge fanbase. 

The following is a Korean op-ed written by TopStarNews reporter Woo Sun that has been directly translated by Koreaboo. 

Out of the “Big 3” companies that led the idol era of K-Pop, SM Entertainment is decisively #1. Not only do they have a solid fan base, but their rookies always become a hot topic and their existing groups are icons in K-Pop in their own right. SM Entertainment is the dream company for many who dream to be in the industry and the goal for many to join. SM Entertainment turns all of their groups into super stars.

However, even within SM Entertainment, there exists a group that always carries the notion that they are being “neglected.” This group is none other than Super Junior, the group of young men who have taken over the K-Pop industry on the stage, variety shows, and even movies.

Super Junior has uncountable number of loyal fans called “ELF” and they receive unending support from them. However, even with such a large fanbase, they are powerless against the neglect by their company. Individual members always try to console fans and seem to have accepted the neglect they are faced with.

The most symbolic occurrence of neglect was at 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun. At the time, Super Junior was not the symbol of K-Pop that they are now, but just beginning to make their career. For shows such as Gayo Gaejun, it is common practice for companies to notify fans so they can gather for the recording of the show. However, no notice was made for Super Junior and only a few fans were able to attend the concert.

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk, who found out about this, spoke out through SNS channels, “Really this is not cool..shouldn’t notices have been made? I would like to apologize instead~”

Donghae also said, “I’m sorry ELF,” and Choi Siwon wrote in English, “Anyway you look at it, there isn’t a group more hard-working than us, and there can’t be a group more pitiful than us.” 

Super Junior members as a whole even stated, “If it weren’t for ELF, the end of this year would mean nothing…”

However, things didn’t get better as SM Entertainment angered ELF once again with their unchanging manner when it came to the group. In April 2014 as Super Junior’s World Tour Super Show 4 was nearing, SM Entertainment notified fans on April 23rd, just one day before ticket sales started.

The tickets were pricey at around 100,000 won (approximately $90 US) and fans found themselves with a sudden lack of money to buy tickets with. Eunhyuk posted on SNS to let fans know that he felt for their predicament, stating, “When I was in school, 88,000 won was a large sum of money….it wasn’t a sum that I could get within a day when someone told me ‘Bring the money by tomorrow.'”

Has treatment of the group changed in the three years since then? The answer is no.

Today, March 23rd, is the day of Donghae and Eunhyuk’s special album release. However, the release of their album was not advertised and no one knew the album had even been released. Not even the artists themselves. Eunhyuk posted on his SNS in surprise, “Huh? I guess it’s out!! ^^ when did that happen? ㅋㅋ Everyone please listen to it alot~”

This year is the 10th year since Super Junior debuted in 2005. They have overcome many accidents and scandals and their fans have become more and more loyal. It is through the Super Junior members, who take such good care of their fans, that loyalty and popularity is at an all time high for the group. However, SM Entertainment still neglects them over even rookie groups.

Source: Top Star News