Super Junior Just Guested On “Good Day New York”, Here’s What Happened

Super Junior and Leslie Grace talk KCON and collaborations.

Super Junior made a guest appearance on Good Day New York to discuss “Lo Siento” and their upcoming KCON NY concert.


On June 23, Super Junior will be sharing the New York KCON stage with HeizePentagonRed Velvet, and Stray Kids.

This will be their third group appearance at the con. Super Junior previously performed at KCON in 2015 and 2017.


When asked if they were ready to dive into the KCON excitement, Siwon expressed the group’s gratitude for their fans.

 “We really appreciate all their support and love…just happy to be here this time, yes.” — Siwon


Super Junior will be performing their song “Lo Siento” with their fellow Good Day New York guest and American singer, Leslie Grace.


“Lo Siento” is a multi-lingual collaboration sung in Korean, English, and a Spanish.


Leslie Grace told the hosts how she and Super Junior ended up collaborating together.

“It was an incredible opportunity. Super Junior and their team had an idea of releasing a song for their follow-up album in Spanish, English, and Korean. They reached out to these producers who happened to be my friends and we had worked on some music in the past.” — Leslie Grace


When the hosts asked to see some moves, Super Junior was happy to perform a quick snippet from the “Lo Siento” choreography.

Their fluid movements perfectly matched the song’s smooth, Latin vibe.


After the sneak preview, Leslie Grace talked about what it was like for her to dance with Super Junior.

“They put me into shape, let me tell you. When we went to Seoul, it was quite the experience to learn their dance moves.”  — Leslie Grace


Dance rehearsals for the music video were crammed into two days, followed by two days of shooting. Even though their time together was short, Leslie Grace had a blast.

“It was one was of the funnest experiences, for me.”  — Leslie Grace


Siwon jokingly told the hosts that if they want to see Leslie Grace dance, they should come and see their KCON show.

 “It’s called KCON and you should come.”  — Siwon


Afterward, Siwon gave the hosts some insight into Super Junior’s recent South American tour.

“We visited four countries. It was very successful, and now we [see] the possibility of a South American market. So we would like to say thank you all for your love and passion, and support too.”  — Siwon


Leslie Grace said that, as a Latin-American artist, she finds it “phenomenal” how people from such a different culture can enjoy Super Junior’s music.

“We always say that music has no barriers, but to live it and see it in person first-hand…it’s incredible to see there’s no gap.”  — Leslie Grace


Once the interview concluded, Super Junior taught the Good Day New York hosts their best “Lo Siento” moves!


To see Super Junior’s full Good Day New York segment, check out the video here.