Super Junior Kangin investigated by police for evasion of reserve training

Super Junior‘s Kangin was revealed to have been charged for the evasion of reserve training by the police department.

On April 16th, it has been reported by media that Kangin had been investigated by the police for not attending any reserve training for the last two years.

According to sources, the police began their investigations of Kangin on April 9th. The singer was said to have not attended any of the 72 hours of reserve training required after his military service for the past two years.

In response to this, SM Entertainment has released an official statement claiming that “Kangin could not attend due to his schedule and his personal reasons” and that “he will plan to attend them in the future without any restraints.”

The Korean law penalizes those not attending reserve training 125,000 won, which is equivalent to $115 USD, for every hour missed. It is said that many celebrities are also using their schedules as an excuse to habitually evade reserve training.

The Seodaemoon police department has charged Kangin with the corresponding charges and has turned the case over to the prosecution’s office.

Source: StarN