“He Had To See Me Naked” — Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Receives Criticism For Alleged “Disrespect” To His Work

It was hard on his manager.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has come under fire after a recent episode of Sung Si Kyung’s interview show, We’ll Meet.

On the show, Kyuhyun told the story of how he once missed a flight after drinking until 5.30am with Sung Si Kyung.

The flight to Japan for their concert was at 9am, but Kyuhyun woke up on the bed with only jeans on at 11am. He quickly called his manager to ask what had happened, as he blacked out when he left the drinking spot with Sung Si Kyung.

His manager had come to wake him up at 6am, only to find Kyuhyun asleep on his bed, completely naked. Kyuhyun was so drunk that he could not be woken up. The manager tried his best to get clothes on him so that he could somehow bring Kyuhyun to the airport. Despite his efforts, it was too hard to dress an unconscious Kyuhyun.

The manager told the company that Kyuhyun would not be able to make the flight. Thankfully, the concert was only two days later and he would be missing just a day of rehearsals. He got on a flight as soon as possible and made it to the concert.

Netizens have not taken to his story positively. They criticized him for being unprofessional, as he was unable to control his drinking before a work trip. They also were disappointed at his alleged disrespect to his manager who had to clean up after him.

  • Celebrities are really so…
  • He should be sorry to think that has manager had to see him naked and dress him.
  • Please be considerate of people around you. He’s so rude. He doesn’t even recognize the problem. The manager would’ve cried thinking how f*cked up his job is.
  • He utterly doesn’t have a sense of responsibility. They think they’re royalty.
  • Why is he even telling this story? I had a good impression of him, but I dislike him now.
  • Ugh, I’d get a reality check if this was my idol telling this story.
  • And his a manager probably was the one who got chewed out.
  • Wow…

You can check out the episode below.


Source: Theqoo

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