Super Junior Kyuhyun Under FIRE For His ATTITUDE On Radio Star

After a comedian brings up a past interaction with Super Junior member Kyuhyun, netizens criticize the artist.

On the latest episode of “Radio Star,” comedian Yang Sae Hyung was featured as a guest.

Yang Sae Hyung confessed his sadness towards MC of “Radio Star” and Super Junior member Kyuhyun for the past interaction.

He revealed that due to Super Junior member Heechul‘s request, Yang Sae Hyung helped MC one of Kyuhyun’s friend’s weddings last year. After the wedding ceremony was over, Yang Sae Hyung revealed that he was in an awkward position to ask for his payment first since he was older.

But as Yang Sae Hyung was leaving after the ceremony, it was revealed that Kyuhyun tried to give the money without a money envelope to the older comedian. Yang Sae Hyung claimed that it was estimated around 200,000 Won while Kyuhyun tried to explain that it was around 1 million Won. However much the amount, Kyuhyun told Yang Sae Hyung “here, take it” in front of another friend of Kyuhyun.

It was revealed that Yang Sae Hyung gets around 3 million Won for such job which is estimated around $2,500 USD.

But due to the fact that Kyuhyun would give money without an envelop in front of his non-celebrity friend, Yang Sae Hyung decided to reject the money and told him to buy some food and drinks next time.



But after saying yes, it has been revealed that Kyuhyun never reached out to Yang Sae Hyung until the day of the shooting of “Radio Star” after realizing that he will be running into him. Kyuhyun tried to explain that he was trying to find an envelop but did not have time as he saw Yang Saw Hyung leaving the wedding.


Netizens have started to not only criticize Kyuhyun for his past behaviors but his attitude on the program as well. Instead of apologizing, Kyuhyun started to insult and accuse Yang Sae Hyung for coming hung over and almost late to the wedding. Kyuhyun also tried to explain that his friend who was the husband of the wedding was displeased when Yang Sae Hyung first came which showed viewers that Kyuhyun was easily putting words or tattle tailing one of his best friends. Many viewers and netizens claimed that they felt uncomfortable watching Kyuhyun’s rude attitude towards an elder.

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[ +244 ] @friend Unni this is the story. Kyuhyun hired Yang Sae Hyung through Heechul. Kyuhyun didn’t even prepare an envelop or money so he decided to pull out money from the ATM last minute. In front of his friend, Kyuhyun offered 1 million Won without an envelop to Yang Sae Hyung saying “here, take it.” (According to Kyuhyun) But according to Yang Sae Hyung, it was 200,000 Won without an envelop. Yang Sae Hyung usually gets paid around 3 million Won ($2,500 USD) But Yang Sae Hyung didn’t accept the money but Kyuhyun promised to contact him but he didn’t contact him after. Kyuhyun says that Kyuhyun’s friend start talking trash about Yang Sae Hyung when he showed up at wedding. After Yang Sae Hyung was confirmed to be on the program “Radio Star,” Kyuhyun suddenly contacted Yang Sae Hyung telling him I’ll see you at the studio. But after Yang Sae Hyung brought this situation to the discussion on Radio Star, Kyuhyun instead of apologizing, disses Yang Sae Hyung how he might have been hung over and came late. Also that his friend who was the husband was displeased. Finally, Yang Sae Hyung ends up apologizing instead of the other way around. After the program aired, Kyuhyun’s fans start criticizing Yang Sae Hyung. But then after the photos were released of the wedding, Kyuhyun got criticized instead. (There were no problems with Yang Sae Hyung at the wedding in terms of his clothes or hair). He didn’t seem hung over and it was just a speculation by Kyuhyun that he revealed to the program. He was not late and even did his hair to the wedding.

[ +285] It comes out often on Radio Star, but Kyuhyun really showed his unmannerly characteristic this time. But it’s okay! His fans are going to protect him anyways hahaha!

[ +125 ] Kyuhyun, it’s military time for you.

[ +101] Kyuhyun really screwed up this time. If his non-celebrity friend was present at the scene, he should have prepared the money in an envelop and shouldn’t have offered the money that way to an elder. If he was thinking of paying in the first place, he should have prepared it before the wedding. He didn’t even thank him for his service nor contact him after not paying him. But he is insulting and accusing Yang Sae Hyung on the program.

[ +87] This is something a dongseng should apologize to his hyoung over a hundred times explaining that he was busy and didn’t think of it.. Wow I was shocked when Kyuhyun said “okay, I’ll call you now and buy you food and drinks.”

I don’t know if he was trying to save his image but he sold his friend claiming that he was the one who thought Yang sae hyung was allegedly drunk at the wedding and that he was displeased with Yang Sae Hyung. Why did he act such way in front of other people… Is he acknowledging easily that his best friend talked behind Yang Sae Hyung’s back? It’s not Kyuhyun’s characteristic problem but I think he is a little immature and led this to happen.

[ +45 ] I was so uncomfortable watching the program with Kyuhyun’s attitude

[ +43 ] This is true Kyuhyun

Source: Dispatch