Veteran K-Pop Idols “Beg” Fans To Buy Tickets To Their Concert

Tickets have been on sale for more than a week.

The members of Super Junior L.S.S have begged fans to purchase more tickets to their upcoming concerts.

Super Junior L.S.S | LabelSJ

In November 2022, Super Junior‘s sixth sub-unit, Super Junior L.S.S., made up of Leeteuk, Shindong, and Siwon, held their first fan meeting, leading to the release of their debut single, “Close The Shutter,” in July 2023.

The subunit recently released their first mini-album, Let’s Standing Show, on January 17 and will be holding their first solo concert, THE SHOW: Th3ee Guys, on February 3 and 4 in Korea.

However, as some fans have noticed, the ticket sales for the event have been slow, resulting in many unsold tickets.

Concert seating chart. | Melon Ticket
The available tickets for the first day of the concert are gold. | Melon Ticket
The available tickets for the second day of the concert are gold. | Melon Ticket

As a result, the members have increased their promotion of the show, posting several times about the upcoming concerts in the recent past and asking fans to purchase their tickets to the show using jokes.

| @earlyboysd/Instagram

Text next to Leeteuk: Siwon, did you reserve [a ticket]?
Text next to Shindong: Shindong ate it.
Text next to SiwonLord, please let the hyungs not talk so much at least for today. 
Block TextWe’re serious.. Come see our concert.

| @siwonchoi/Instagram

Cartoon Caption: People only miss their hair after they have lost it. 
Siwon’s Caption: That’s right. That’s why, (do the ticketing).

| @earlyboysd/Instagram

Who isn’t joining in on the ticketing?? Who is it?? Aren’t you curious about LSS?

— Shindong

Leeteuk even spoke directly about the sales situation, though in a more serious light.

When fans were asking the subunit to come to their country, Leeteuk said that to do that, they needed to succeed in Korea first, but that he thinks they’re “set to fail.

Everyone’s asking LSS to come to a lot of places but do you know what’s important? The Korean concert needs to be successful for us to be able to go anywhere else. Do you know? If you’re not successful in Korea, you can’t go to any other countries. I think we’re set to fail.

— Leeteuk

The subunit has also announced an Asian concert tour; ticket sales are ongoing for those dates.