(★TRENDING) Super Junior’s Leeteuk And Siwon Get “Forcibly” Kissed On Mexican TV Show

Leeteuk and Siwon were caught off guard when this female host surprised them with kisses.

Super Junior held the week-long Super Junior World Tour “Super 7” in 4 Latin American countries.

During their stay, they did interviews with the main local media outlets including the newspaper Reforma, television program Telehit and Sale El Sol as well as the magazines Nylon, Notas Para Ti and Circulo Mixup.


In addition, they appeared on the popular Mexican talk shows Montse & Joe and TuNight Show.


It was on the talk show Montse & Joe where Leeteuk and Siwon were ambushed with kisses from a female host. The host had her arms around Leeteuk and suddenly gave him a kiss on his cheek.

By his reaction, Leeteuk seemed to be in shock.


Apparently, when the host told the members to sit, Leeteuk had jokingly asked if he could sit on her lap. In return, she kissed him on the cheek.


Moreover, the same host unexpectedly kissed Siwon while they were dancing.


Shindong also got a kiss from the same host, but he returned it with a kiss himself.


Meanwhile, some fans were disappointed at the clips claiming that the Super Junior members seemed very uncomfortable by the “forced” kiss.


While others thought it was just a cute incident as it is common in Latin culture to give a friendly peck on the cheeks.


Watch the full video below:

Source: Dispatch

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