Super Junior’s Leeteuk Will Become The First K-Pop Idol To Publish A Cookbook

He’s the first ever idol to do this.

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, more famously known as an idol, MC, and entertainer, is also an accomplished amateur cook!

Leeteuk has been an MC on EBS‘s cooking program The Best Cooking Secrets for nearly 3 years, and in his time there, he has picked up a wide variety of knowledge about different foods. With his knowledge, he is currently finishing up preparations for his very own cookbook.

Leeteuk is preparing a cookbook that targets people who eat alone, a cookbook for the single eater. I’ve heard he is using his own know-how and experiences to share how he cooks and eats as a single person.

— Insider

The cookbook is scheduled to be released at some point later in 2019, after final editing is completed. Leeteuk has showcased his cooking abilities in numerous entertainment programs, but this is the first time that an idol has actually published a cookbook.

Leeteuk also has his own YouTube channel where he shares his own recipes that meet the needs of different lifestyles, from late night snacks to healthy and low salt, low sugar foods.

Source: Newsen

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