Super Junior Plans To Last Forever…Literally

They’re going to make “the ‘true’ Super Junior”.

It’s been almost 13 years since Super Junior debuted and, since then, they’ve had countless achievements.

When asked what his dream was on Knowing Bros, Eunhyuk said his hope for the future is Super Junior.

“I want to be Super Junior forever.” — Eunhyuk 


Eunhyuk revealed the group plans to continue Super Junior even after marriage…

…by having their children become the new Super Junior!


Heechul added on, saying that “we want to get married have babies at the same time, and create the ‘true’ Super Junior.”


Although it seems to be a joke for now, one thing is for sure.

Heechul: “By the way, if we have a joint wedding, it will be really loud.”
Eunhyuk: “It will be probably be a mess.”

Source: Instiz

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