Super Junior Reunites With A Disabled Fan 6 Years After They First Met

The sweet reunion is sure to warm your heart.

Super Junior first met Donika Sterling in 2012. The teen who suffers from Charcot-Marie-Tooth-Disease, a degenerative nerve disease that causes gradual muscle loss, flew to South Korea to meet with SHINee and Super Junior, her two favorite groups.

Donika in 2012 posing with SHINee!

Reportedly SHINee sang parts of “Ring Ding Dong” to her and Super Junior treated her to an acapella version of “Sorry Sorry”.


While Donika already lived every fan’s dream by meeting her biases, she would have the opportunity to meet up with Super Junior once again.

Donika with SUPER JUNIOR in 2012.


While attending KCON in New York, Donika was able to reunite with the group.


After they met up, Yesung and Siwon both posted photos of their happy reunion as well as a throwback photo of their first get together. The two also had a special message for their fan.

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“2012…2018. Thank you always, Donika.” — Yesung


Siwon’s message was even sweeter than Yesung’s as it was written in English and included some playful banter.

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“Reunion. Our friend across the border. Music has no barriers. I hope we continue to build our friendship. Good to see you again my friend. But seriously what’s wrong with my hair back in 2012?” — Siwon


So in another 6 years can we expect another adorable reunion?

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