Super Junior’s Siwon Gives The Perfect Advice To Victims Of Bullying

Every sentence of his speech was heartwarming.

For the National Kindness Week Campaign, Super Junior‘s Siwon gave a heartwarming speech to victims of bullying.


First he sympathized with the victims, but urged them to never give up. He urged them to never give up on their lives because “life is too short for something not important.

“I know it’s very tough sometimes. But I would like to say, don’t give up.

Don’t give up, and don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your life.

Life is too short for something not important.”

— Siwon


He also reminded other people to always be on the lookout for bullying and stand up for the victims. One small gesture can change a whole life.

“If you have a friend who needs your help, who needs you to listen… Lend them a hand.

They won’t forget. They’ll never forget about this.”

— Siwon


Siwon wants everyone to “#StandTogether” and fight bullying. As a hope to those who are suffering and those who are fighting alongside the afflicted, Siwon left them the perfect advice.

“Be together and walk together.”

— Siwon


And he closed off with the most important message of all: everyone is too precious to waste their lives.

“Because life is very precious, and you are a precious person.”

— Siwon

Super Junior