Super Junior’s Siwon Reveals Why He Thinks Red Velvet’s Yeri Will Be A Great Actress Someday

You might just agree with everything he said!

Super Junior‘s Siwon gave his thoughts on why he thinks Red Velvet‘s Yeri can be a top actress someday!

On the latest episode of Yeri’s Room, Siwon appeared as a guest, where the two talked about a bunch of fun topics!

While on the topic of Siwon’s acting career, Yeri revealed that acting was something she was considering getting into and is diligently preparing for as well!

I am also spending quite a bit of time with acting…I am doing preparation!


To this, Siwon then gushed about why he thinks Yeri will totally kill it as an actress someday!

The Yeri that I know has a wide range of emotions and expressions. I think she will do really well! And she has no fear of being in front of cameras.

In my personal view, I am sure that she will learn much quicker and develop as a star compared to others in her age group.


Yeri is a singer, dancer, songwriter, and businesswoman, surely, if anyone can excel in acting as well, it’s Yeri!

| @yerimiese/Instagram

Watch the whole thing here from the 3:09 mark onwards!