Super Junior’s Sungmin And Wife Kim Sa Eun Share All The Juicy Details About Their Wedding

They have finally revealed the whole story.

Super Junior’s Sungmin and his wife Kim Sa Eun revealed all the details about their wedding in their most recent YouTube video.

Kim Sa Eun started off the video by saying, “I’m a bit embarrassed to open all of this but I am happy to be able to become one step closer to all of you. Please enjoy today’s video.”

In Kim Sa Eun’s previous Q&A video, she expressed how worried she was to open up about her personal life and was touched by all the support and positive messages she received.

I told you all last time that I was married. All of you seemed to have a lot of interest about this. It was hard to film vlogs because of my husband. I had never talked about my husband so I couldn’t film him.

⁠— Kim Sa Eun

After officially introducing Sungmin as her husband, they began to talk about their story and how they got married. “We first met through the musical ‘The Three Musketeers’. He was an idol and I was an actor who was acting in a grand theater for the first time so I was a bit shy.”

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When asked if they knew they were the one, Sa Eun replied, “Honestly I wasn’t someone that wanted to get married, so that’s why I never even thought about marriage at all. But when I met Sungmin I felt something totally different. I wanted to lean on him for support after not having anyone to lean on during hard times.”

For Sungmin it was different. “It felt like someone programmed it and came in. I thought that I should marry this person.”

In terms of preparing for their wedding, it was vastly different from the norm. “We wanted to receive a good day from our parents but we didn’t have any of that. We had to choose a date around Sungmin’s busy schedule with Super Junior. We picked a good day though. It snowed quite a lot that day.”


They also expressed the hardships of preparing this all in secret. “It felt like we were on a 007 mission from the start. We had to have staff members sign memorandums when filming. It would have been great if we got through it quietly though.”

Lastly, when asked if they would marry each other in the next life, they both said yes. Looks like they were a match made in heaven!

Source: xsportsnews