Super Junior’s Yesung Addresses How He Feels About Plastic Surgery Rumors

“I feel happy when I hear the plastic surgery rumors.”

Super Junior‘s Yesung has addressed how he feels about his plastic surgery rumors in a recent interview The Star magazine.


Yesung stated in the interview that he felt very happy when he heard rumors about his plastic surgery as it meant that he was receiving that much more attention.

I manage myself very strictly. In order to survive in the idol competition era, you must manage yourself in this way. I want to show people that I am keeping it up. Anyway, I feel happy when I hear the plastic surgery rumors. I think it means that the reporters are that much more interested in me.

ㅡ Yesung


Rumors claiming Yesung got plastic surgery began spreading after netizens came upon photos of Yesung, who had lost a lot of weight.

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He previously revealed that while many people have been speculating cosmetic surgery, that he did not undergo any and just took special care of himself.

When I read my articles, I see a lot of comments that ask if I’ve undergone cosmetic surgery. I haven’t done cosmetic surgery. I just worked hard on self-care. I’ve been on social media continously, so if I had done plastic surgery, I wouldn’t have been able to go on social media for a bit.

ㅡ Yesung


Meanwhile, Yesung, who is currently challenging himself to acting including films, dramas and musicals, expressed his desire to continue pursuing his career in both music and acting, and to consistently show fans new aspects of himself.

I want to provide good music while continuing to challenge myself to things that I want to do. Even though I am getting older, I want to live as an idol. Even when acting, I’ve never regretted debuting as an idol. I want to show new aspects of myself through acting and singing.

ㅡ Yesung

Source: Newsen

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